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CCTR, as we call it on the inside, is our employee reward and recognition division. We are a licensed provider of a remarkably affordable, cloud-based software program that employers and managers use to enhance productivity, loyalty, engagement and other behaviors throughout all levels of their organizations. Think of it as Air Miles ™ for employees, except that you earn points for achieving milestones or hitting sales or safety targets or maybe even for celebrating a birthday.

Programs are scalable from a single department to a multinational corporation, and can be tailored to address any HR-based or Sales-driven objective you wish to address. What really makes us great, however, are our CCTR team experts who are there every step of the way to support every aspect of the program, from the first meeting to their outstanding end user support.

The Cotton Candy team currently oversees Reward and Recognition programs on behalf of thousands of engaged and appreciated employees across North America. No one knows better than you which Rewards and Recognition issues are the pressing ones in your company. The good news is, we can help you address one or all with Cotton Candy Total Rewards program.

Cotton Candy Total Rewards

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